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Company History

Graphic Crafts, Inc. has been part of the Lancaster County business community for more than 80 years. The company’s founder, Richard E. Huss, Sr., began his career in the printing industry as an apprentice typesetter for the Lancaster Intelligencer Newspaper in 1924. A year later, while only 16 years old, he bought his first printing press, which was small enough to place on the dresser in his bedroom at his parents’ home. He used this small machine to begin a side business while becoming a journeyman typesetter and compositor at the newspapers where he was employed for 33 years.

Over the years, the business, which had expanded into bookbinding, became a full-time venture for Richard. His son, Richard E. Huss, Jr., joined him in 1955 after Navy service during the Korean War. Dick Jr. was taught typesetting and printing by his father in his preteen years. In 1963, the company built a new facility south of Lancaster, PA and became Graphic Crafts, Inc.

With the advances of lithography in the industry during the 1960’s, the company chose to stick with letterpress and focus more on the bindery services it could provide for local printers. Eventually, Graphic Crafts converted its presses to die-cutting and along with its other equipment, became a full-service trade bindery.

Now, located on Beaver Valley Pike (Rt. 222) south of Lancaster in Willow Street, PA, the company offers folding, perforating, stitching, die cutting, stamping, embossing, trimming, gluing, gumming, mounting, shrink wrapping, laminating, padding, drilling, punching, round-cornering, eyeletting and custom handwork. It also sells various weights and sizes of chipboard and easels.

Throughout its history, Graphic Crafts, Inc. has maintained its commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship. The company will continue striving to meet the changing needs of its customers with exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction.