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Double Wing Easels

Our easels are all made with sturdy high quality 33pt. chipboard. White-lined easels have a 33pt chipboard center with 70# coated text mounted on both sides.

Our stock taped easels use a permanent adhesive acceptable for standard uses.

The general rule-of-thumb for easel height requirement is 75% of the height of the piece to be attached.

The price list below is the per thousand (M) price for each type of single wing easel we stock. A minimum order is required of $10 without tape or $25 with tape. Prices do not include shipping costs.

To place an order for easels, email or call 717-464-2733.

Height Grey Grey w/ Tape White-lined White-lined w/ Tape
6" $72/M $192/M $118/M $238/M
8" $72/M $192/M $147/M $267/M
10" $90/M $210/M $184/M $304/M
12" $107/M $227/M $240/M $360/M
16" $175/M $295/M $429/M $549/M
18" $216/M $336/M $485/M $605/M
21" $252/M $372/M $578/M $698/M